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Algarve's Winter Sun Escape

Featuring a mild climate throughout the year and reaching temperatures as attractive as 18º degrees in the colder months of January and February, make the Algarve the perfect winter escape from nothern cold and a wonderful place to relax in any time of the year.

Visiting this region in the off season gives you the opportunity to experience the most authentic Algarve, the beauty that the hustle and bustle of crowed places don't normally allow to experience.

Not only winter months stays in the Algarve benefit from warm temperatures but also less then 70 rainy days per year at the lowest prices of the year. It would be unusual to rain and not have sun in the same day so even if it does rain you can still expect nice temperatures and dry periods.


Winter Sun Escape to the Algarve

Being only a few hours flight from most cities, makes the Algarve a desirable region to escape from severe winter, so don't hesitate before you book your next trip to the Algarve and find yourself strolling along the one of the many beautiful desert beaches.

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